You Don't 'Mind' If Jill Scott Gets A Little Sexy, Do You?

Jill Scott has never shied away from the sexual, and with her latest video for single "So Gone (What My Mind Says)" --which happened to make our Cuffin' Season playlist, by the way-- she shows that she doesn't plan on doing so any time soon. Per usual, Jilly is looking gorgeous in this one as she pines after a lover that she knows is just not right but does her oh so well. Rocking a sidesweep that would make Control-era Janet Jackson jealous, deep red lipstick and tights and tops that hug all the right places, she struts her sexy throughout her apartment while we get flashes of her draped in her man's tattooed arms. Speaking of which, kudos goes out to Jill's acting coach. Jill actually made me believe that she could want Mr. Diamind-Chip D-ck Paul Wall (who kind of has that bobblehead look now that he's lost the weight) in the most urgent of ways. For his part, though, Paul doesn't distract from the sensual vibe of the video...much. Check out the video below and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the surprising twist at the end.

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