Will You Love Mary J. Blige's '25/8' Video?

Mary J. Blige is gearing up for the November 21st release of My Life II...With the Long As Hell Title, and she's Mary Bopping all over our computer and television screens with her music video for the current single "25/8." Much like the song did, this video is gonna have to grow on me with repeated viewings. Aunt Mary looks great, but she always looks good in her multitude of honey-blonde wigs and designer digs. But there's no plot to these visuals other than the recurring sunrise and sunset theme carried over from the song. Maybe there's some deeper meaning to her standing at the intersection of two yellow lines on a busy street that I'm just not getting, and perhaps the troop of male dancers at the end of the video led by Captain Mary were meant to be a tad sloppy. I do like the nod to her Mary album cover with the profile shot and I do feel the ghost of the "All That I Can Say" video in the room, but this effort pales in comparison to that one. Call me crazy, but after watching MJB videos for almost two decades (What's the 411? turns 20 next year, y'all!!), I've just come to expect more from her visually and musically. Unfortunately, those high expectations have only set me up for disappointment.

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