Will You ‘Boo’ This Friends Remake?

Take a trip with me to the summer of 1996. If you were a fan of hip-hop/R&B music then, that summer was pretty magical. OutKast was riding “Elevators” to the very top, “If Your Girl Only Knew,” Aaliyah‘s musical marriage with Missy & Timbaland, was blowing up, and Toni Braxton sparked up the charts with “You’re Making Me High.” For me, one of that summer’s most defining songs was Ghost Town DJs‘ “My Boo.” It’s mixture of Miami Bass and sweet vocals was the hottest thing my then-13-year-old ears had ever heard. So, when I pressed play on the remake by Brooklyn chillwave outfit Friends, I prayed that they had done justice to what I remembered. While my reaction isn’t as violent as some other editors here at SBHQ, I am disappointed. A b-side to their single “I’m His Girl,” Friends definitely get an A for effort here, as they really attempt to bring back some of the original’s vibe, but this isn’t what I was hoping for at all. Somehow, they make it sound downright creepy with the church organ-like synth and the lifeless vocals. That being said, I did stop by their Bandcamp page and found that their original material is much more palatable (though definitely not in the R&B/soul vein). So, I’ll just ask that they simply stay in their lane. And please Friends, whatever you do, leave the rest of the music from that magical summer alone. But for a far superior take on this jam, visit Rochelle Jordan‘s “Shawty” mashup from her R O J O mixtape. [H/T: PBB]

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