Syleena Johnson & Tweet Performing 'Angry Girl' Makes Us Very Happy

The return of Syleena Johnson with a new album, Chapter V: Underrated, is cause enough to celebrate, but there's one song in particular that has us popping bottles here at SBHQ and that's "Angry Girl," her duet with Tweet. Yes, Tweet Tweet. Although 2011 will pass without her long-awaited third album, Love, Tweet, we'll take what we can get in the form of her guesting on Syleena's album and as well as others that she's lent her voice to his year. "Angry Girl" holds the distinction as Chapter V's second single and recently Syleena and Tweet came together for an intimate live performance of the track. Both singers take turns on the mic and prove that they possess two of the best voices in soul music, in case you forgot. There's no studio trickery or tomfoolery here, folks; just real singing by real singers. I love when Syleena says "Sang, Tweet!" when Tweet is doing just that. This may have been a special one-time performance, but we truly hope that they have plans for more live outings together -- and that we're there to witness it.

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