SoulBounce Reacts To Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ Video

Rihanna‘s music video for her billionth single, “We Found Love,” generated a ton a controversy before it was even released. It’s safe to say that everyone expected another cheesecake-filled romp through Irish fields when photos of her from the shoot leaked. Well, the video that was released yesterday definitely defied expectations. The grimy drug-induced, sex-fueled crazy love story was indeed a hopeless place yet quite compelling — and disturbing — watch. But your intrepid SoulBounce Editors did just that, and boy did we all have a lot to say about it over the course of an email thread. Rihanna generally ain’t our type of hype, but we love a good (or bad) video. Watch this one then hit the bounce for our commentary then feel free to share your own.

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Initial reactions

Butta: Well…damn.

Peachy Kween: Ummm *backs away slowly, goes to play the Sesame Street video from earlier* O_O

Butta: Did it disturb your spirit, too?

Peachy Kween: Oh my goodness, yes. Damn near made me want to go sit in the corner like Rihanna.

On the chemistry with her male lead

D-Money: This is how I imagine her and Chris’s dynamic was.

Peachy Kween: Wait…you meant that wasn’t Chris Brown in the video?

D-Money: No, but apparently the Chris Brown-looking dude in the video is a boxer/model who she may or may not be dating. A Chris Brown-looking boxer? Will she ever learn?

Butta: Never. Ever.

Peachy Kween: Oh Lawd. Somebody help this simple child. SMH

On Rihanna’s talent

Ivory: An overwhelming number of folks on my FB timeline are in love with the vid, but I honestly couldn’t focus on anything other than the fact that after all this time, she still can’t sing.

Butta: And then there’s that.

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On the vomit scene

Butta: What was up with that fake vomit, though? It looked like ribbons rolling out of Ri-Ri’s mouth. Nobody vomits that damn perfectly. She couldn’t leave it at Auto-Tune, now she has digitally enhanced vomit?

Donte: I think the ribbons were the “artistic” point. They were drugged-out all the time, so I guess she was everything as beautiful and s–t.

Remi: Loved the ribbons and took the same interpretation away.

Ivory: It was definitely ribbons, though I feel that after all the other f–kery that takes place in video, why not just show vomit? It’s not like the ribbon vomit could save it from not being one of the most disturbing vids I’ve seen in a long time.

Butta: Right! The cartoon vomit was out of place in the grimy context of the video.

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