Rochelle Jordan Hits Us With Her Best 'Shot'

One of Chris Rock's most famous bits from one of his HBO comedy specials is when he's talking about one of his daughters and he says that his "only job in life is to keep her off the pole." He goes on to quip that if you're a father and "your daughter's a f--ked up." In her latest song, "Shot," Rochelle Jordan takes that message to heart as plays the role of an exotic dancer with a few things to get off of her chest. In the lyrics, she's talking to a parent -- we'll assume a father -- and blaming him for who she's become before taking a shot of Henny to the head. It's a deep song that is both sad and very real. It's just begging for a video to show a human story behind this profession that isn't as glamorous or carefree as rap videos would have you believe. Continuing her pattern of giving away her music to fans (and gaining new ones in the process), this track is also available for free download. [Photo: Kareem Ajani]

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