Robin Thicke Shows Us There Is ‘Love After War’

Robin Thicke is back on the scene again with “Love After War,” the title track off his upcoming fifth album. On the track that borrows heavily from Blackstreet‘s 1994 single “Joy,” Thicke croons about the sometimes-tender, sometimes-turbulent turns of an all-too-passionate relationship. Thicke is at his absolute best on window-steaming slow jams (and perhaps window-jumping introspective cuts), and at his worst when trying hard to sell the macho lothario image in Fig. 2.1 of the Male R&B Singer’s Handbook. This is Thicke sitting somewhere in-between — the sweetness of the melody is neither tortured enough to be embroiled in a gut-wrenching lovers’ quarrel, nor lusty enough to be chasing the make-up sex the song is essentially about. So we have to imagine this song finds him in the moment, post-fight (and post-post-fight), where he and the lovely missus, Paula Patton, are lazing on the sofa, just before he gets up to make them a cheese omelette. Yeah, he probably should put his name on that.

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