Renee Dion & Tall Black Guy Deliver A 'Thriller' Of A Michael Jackson Remake

With today being Halloween, whether you celebrate or not, one thing is for sure: you have heard Michael Jackson's "Thriller," sang the song out loud or in your head, and/or done the video's iconic choreography at least 50-11 times today. Hope that you're not tired of it, because it's time to hear the song again. But this time around I'd like to call your attention to an original twist on the track courtesy of Ohio-based singer Renee Dion and producer Tall Black Guy. TBG first came to our attention last year with his Michael Jackson The Remix Suite filled with his instrumental flips of various MJ tracks, and this builds on that project with Dion laying her vocals atop Guy's electro soul production on this extremely dope "Thriller" remake. If, like myself, you're not up on Ms. Dion, then this is definitely a funky introduction to how nice she is as she is giving a strong otherworldly Janelle Monáe vibe here. Michael Jackson purists may feel tricked with the liberties they took on this cover, but I really love what they've done with this. Should you feel the same way, then Renee and Tall Black Guy are treating you to a free download.

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