Mara Hruby Is Quite A Lovely 'Character'

With a voice as timeless as her style, Mara Hruby has been charming us with her melodic sounds since she appeared in 2010 with her debut EP, From Her Eyes. Covering more
than a few modern-day classics, the Oakland native managed to make them
all her own. From Mos Def's "The Panties" (who knew this song could sound so sweet),
to my personal favorite "Character" by my fellow Ohio native Van Hunt. And just
in time for fall, Hruby brings rich new visuals for "Character" that allow us to step
into her shoes as she goes about her day. Even the most ordinary things have a rather
lush cinematic feel to them from scenes of Hruby waking in the morning and finding
something to wear to sitting outside with a journal and guitar. The stunning video shot
by Melinda James of About Her Films has Hruby's affinity for all things retro woven
throughout giving an easy vibe that adds the perfect backdrop for the song. Perhaps what
I enjoyed most is the sneak peak we were given of "The Love Below." which will appear
on Mara's upcoming original album. And as we look forward to hearing more
from Miss Hruby come 2012, let's sit back, perhaps with some hot apple cider, and enjoy
what is quite simply a very lovely video.

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