Jessica Johnson Shows Her ‘Affinity’ For Dwele

In a time where cover songs seem to blanket the musical landscape, it is easy to be left feeling a
bit weary and rather skeptical when you see another one pop up. However, this is hardly the case when it comes to Boston
native and Bounce-Worthy stunner Jessica Johnson, who this week released a video of her rendition of Dwele‘s “Affinity.” It is the ability to breathe new life into the familiar that makes for a great
cover, and Jessica did just that with her beautiful a cappella version of this song. There is a
timeless quality to her voice that is so effortless; she makes you feel in love or wish to fall
head first into it. And to accompany a song that has the easy feel of a spring breeze, the
visuals for Jessica’s take on “Affinity” are as simple as they are lovely. We see clips of soft
close-ups from varying angles that flow between the lyrics written across Post-It notes, as
though you are witnessing a love letter in motion. As much as I am enjoying Jessica
Johnson’s ability to make us fall all over again for songs that already took our hearts, I am
also extremely excited to hear what else she has in store for us. Such as her guest appearance on the bonus cut “What A Mess” from SoulBounce darling
DJ Applejac‘s recent freelease, Playin’ Favorites.

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