Don't Remain 'Unaware' Of Allen Stone After This 'Conan' Performance

Last night television audiences were introduced to unconventional soul singer Allen Stone on Conan O'Brien's late-night talk show. I call him unconventional not because of the way he sounds, which is on the mellow blue-eyed soul tip, but because he doesn't look like the "typical soul singer" to hear many tell it. Whatever the typical soul singer is supposed to look like these days, because as any reader of SoulBounce knows, soul is everywhere and not always wrapped in pretty brown skin, wearing a hair weave, or rocking locs. Nonetheless, Stone is garnering a great deal of attention with his new self-titled album, which was released earlier this month and hasn't left the iTunes R&B/Soul top 10 chart. Noting his rising star, it was a wise decision for Conan's people to book him on the show where he made his television debut singing the song "Unaware." The performance was a pleasant introduction to Allen who impressively flexed his vocal range and played the guitar for Team Coco fans and definitely made a few new ones of his own.

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