CHLLNGR & Coco O. Cook Up The Perfect Track For ‘Sundown’

2011 will surely go down as the year of dubstep, or post-dubstep, or whatever the kids are calling it now. Whichever words you use to label it, there’s no denying that the genre once championed by the likes of Rusko, Burial, Skream, and Benga has gone on to influence some of this years brightest stars including SBTRKT, James Blake, and Jamie Woon, to name but a few. Well it seems that now we may have another name to add to the list as Danish producer CHLLNGR seems to be following in those footsteps, at least on the atmospheric “Sundown” featuring everyone’s favourite vocalist, Coco O. of Quadron. The track lacks some of the sparkle of SBTRKT’s various collaborations or the immediacy of Woon’s material, but it’s still a great addition to that “the genre formerly known as dubstep” mix.

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