Boyz II Men Do It ‘For Love’

Boyz II Men are back, y’all! As a one-time Boyz II Men stan, I’m pretty excited about this fact and even more excited about their new album, Twenty, which was released yesterday. I made haste to listen to it more out of curiosity than anything and fell hard for the fellas all over again. More on that later, because the matter at hand right now is the video for their second single, “One Up For Love.” With more of a pop-rock edge to it than the first single featuring Charlie Last Name Wilson, “More Than You’ll Ever Know,” they might be going for a crossover audience, but their soulful harmonies are still tighter than a pair of Spanx and they deliver a song containing a very salient message in these hard times that we’re living in. The video shows images of heartbreak, despair, and destruction while Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman rock out on a rooftop and sing about overcoming all of life’s difficulties with love. And with the arrival of Twenty, BIIM remind us why we loved them 20 years ago and why we continue to love them now.

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