Beyoncé Leaves Some People Off Her 'Party' Guest List

As excited as we were upon first hearing Beyoncé's "Party" then subsequently learning that a video would be released for it, we can't help but be a little disappointed in the end result. Sure Bey is looking her usual beautiful self in the summery, down-home clip and she gives some screen time to sister Solange and eternal stepchild Kelly Rowland, but where this takes a left to Snoozeville is with the absence of her original co-stars on the track, Kanye West and Andre 3000. In Ye's case, he could have easily been included stirring up a big pot of Swagu in one of the various party scenes. But at least his voice remained in tact on the song because 3 Stacks was replaced altogether by J.Cole who submits one of the most tired verses we've ever heard from him yet gets to floss all up on the video alongside his boss Jay-Z's wife. Hearing from Andre 3000 was good on the original version, but seeing him would have been even better. After being replaced by a cartoon cat in Lloyd's "Dedication To My Ex" video and now marked absent here, we have to wonder what is up with Mr. Benjamin with a tinge of concern. As far as Mrs. Knowles-Carter is concerned, this video would have been more exciting if it wasn't her third released in as many weeks.

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