Amber Riley Deserves To Be In The ‘Spotlight’

Show of hands for everyone who watches Glee. Just me? Oh, alright then. Well, if you had been watching last night, then you would’ve seen Amber Riley doing one hell of a rendition of Jennifer Hudson‘s “Spotlight.” It was also the perfect song for her, as her obvious talent constantly gets ignored on the show. It was already a given that she would have the pipes to pull off the song, but she dashes it with just the right amount of gospel-tinged soul to make it even more stellar. Of all the people on this show that deserve a record deal, Amber would have to be my number one pick. Why this hasn’t happened yet is beyond my understanding (especially when it’s already happened for the likes of Matthew Morrison. Ugh). At least it looks like they’ll be giving her character Mercedes a bit more development on Glee this season. So who’s watching along with me? Just me again? Fine, I like watching it by myself anyway. 
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