Will You ‘Stay’ For Tyrese’s ‘Open Invitation’?

When he’s not on Twitter dropping mcnuggets of misspelled wisdom or sharing art from his heart, Tyrese finds the time to do real work and he’s managed to record a new album, Open Invitation, and film a video for the first single, “Stay.” To hear Tyrese tell it, Open Invitation will be the greatest album of all time. That delusion of grandeur remains to be seen, but what we can see in this video is actress Taraji P. Henson playing his love interest as they live in a deluxe pad in Monte Carlo. Despite the beautiful scenery, the two are at odds for the majority of the clip, but with Tyrese begging her to stay via song and producing a huge rock at the end, she may just change her mind. Open Invitation hits stores on November 1st.

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