Will Funkysober & Sharlene Hector Bring Some ‘Sunshine’ Into Your Life?

We here at SoulBounce are huge fans of soulful songstress Sharlene Hector. So when I came across a new track by dance/house outfit Funkysober featuring her on vocals, I had to check it out. A little digging informed me that Funkysober are a production trio comprised of Boy George and producers Marc Vedo and Darren Tate. George and Vedo have established their own dance music label, VG Records, and “Sunshine Into My Life” is their first release. While this sort of high-energy dance music isn’t usually my bag, Sharlene’s vocals, and the fact that I’m mourning the summer that never really was here in the UK, make up for what is essentially a fairly generic dance beat. Give it a spin below and pretend like you’re partying in Ibiza.

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