What’s Your Favorite Flava?

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is something in the water in Sweden, and whatever that unknown substance may be, it’s birthing a whole generation of talented, contemporary soul artists. A quick flick through my iTunes brings up Little Dragon, Linn & Freddie, Kissey Asplund, Tuomo, and Seinabo Sey to name a few, which is pretty impressive when you consider they’re a country well known for their pop and heavy rock exports. Now we have another name to add to that list: Favorite Flava. The group originally consisted of producer/multi-instrumentalist Erik L (Erik Lidén) and vocalist Stray (Mattias Axelsson), but after collaborating with Paul Mac Innes (aka Psaul) on their ’09 debut, Different Phase, they became a trio. Their sound is a mixture of futuristic electro-funk, contemporary soul, and good ol’ Swedish pop music, all of which is evident on their latest two-track single, “Waterfall”/”Torture.” The former is a synth-heavy ode to the object of their desire, while the latter is an updated take on a classic soul sound dealing with the pain of love. Both tracks are currently available as a free download from their official website so there’s no excuse not to get yourself acquainted.

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