SBTRKT Gives Roses Gabor Camera Time In ‘Pharaohs’

To say that I’ve been sleeping on SBTRKT‘s self-titled debut is an understatement. To illustrate my epic failerism, I downloaded this album to my iTunes when it came out and never listened to it. Trust me, I’ve already given myself the side-eye, but all it took for me to revisit this disc with the quickness was one look at the new video for “Pharaohs” from the set. Singer Roses Gabor is center stage here with brief glimpses of the masked marauder SBTRKT. Roses tries a few masks on as she dances and prances around in front of various cameras. The song itself is an electro-fying funk fest that may lead you to cut a rug or two while watching and listening. Speaking of listening, I’ve finally done just that to SBTRKT…twice.

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