Sah ril Has Some 'Unfinished Business' To Attend To

Last night through the wonders of the universe, I was introduced a multi-talented New Jersey
native by the name of Sah ril, who, among the many creative hats he wears, is a rather
amazing emcee. With a December 14th release date set for his seventh project, Back Where
The Pain Is 3
, Sah ril has blessed us with a video for his lead single, "Unfinished
Business." This, however, is a bit more than just a music video as it also doubles as a trailer for a short film that will be bundled with the
album release. The marriage of two independent genres is a wonderful example of how
true artistry can build bridges as it opens minds, eyes, and ears. Written, recorded, and
produced by Sah ril, "Unfinished Business" takes us through a day in the life of his alter
ego "Andre Patron." The opening scenes give you a glimpse into Mr. Patron's streams
of consciousness as the images flash by seemingly at the speed of life, and if you look
closely you just might spot the lovely Miss Nakia Henry. From gritty yet intimate close
ups in the street to classic shots in stairwells, "Unfinished Business" has the feel of an
indie move I'd love to see; it leaves you wanting to know who these people are and what
is happening in their lives. And all of this is packaged over a dope beat and lyrics that manage not to
be overly sentimental yet leave you with a warm feeling. I've come to appreciate love
songs that aren't exactly love songs unless you want them to be yet there is just enough
room to just nod your head and enjoy something lovely. If "Unfinished Business" is an
indication of what Sah ril has to offer, then I am all excited eyes and ears.

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