Phonte Has A Lot Of 'Fight' In Him

Sometimes you never realize that you've missed something until it returns to you. That is precisely how I feel about Phonte flowing over a 9th Wonder production now that they've mended their broken bridge. The former Little Brother members are back in stride again and creating one heater after the other. The latest fire starter is "The Good Fight," a leak from Tay's solo opus Charity Starts at Home, officially available on September 27th. Track #2 from CSAH starts with Tigallo giving the listener some tough love advice before launching into a recession-era rap that anyone who has been touched by struggle can relate to. I can't identify the sample (or samples) that 9th freaks with such finesse, but what I do know is that I can't stop playing this song, which I suspect will be the case when I get my hands on this album. Heavy will be the rotation. [Photo: Creative Silence]

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