Jmil Kly Brings You The 'Delicieux' Side Of Hip-Hop

I believe that I already told you that Texas has a bevy of talent, and to further prove my point, I give you Jmil Kly. I stumbled upon Dallas native Jmil while perusing music blogs and seeing his video for the sexy "Delicieux." A track from his latest EP The Boy King, the song is perhaps the most sensual I've heard hip-hop be in a minute. From the lilting piano to the atmospheric sound the sample creates, you get get lost like the chorus suggests. The (slightly NSFW) video amplifies the sexy even more. Filmed in mostly black and white, which has already been established as the go to for video sexy, the clip shows various ladies leaving little to the imagination in lingerie and includes a sexy (but kinda creepy) experiment in body paint. Check out the video below for your dose. When you're done, head over to Jmil's Bandcamp page, where you can cop The Boy King  on a pay-what-you-like basis and also check out his previous efforts Flomogenic and The NEOTokyo EP. [H/T: THO]

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