Is This New Glenn Lewis Video A 'Good One?'

We first alerted you to R&B crooner Glenn Lewis' song "Good One" nearly a year ago. Since then, there hasn't been much other news from his camp. Now, we finally have a video. Just like the song itself, there's nothing that breaks the mold here. We see Glenn in an office pining away as he sings about his lady, then we switch to him pushing a spiffy-looking Benz around town, and then we finally get to see his "good one" at the video's end as they embrace like they haven't seen each other in years. While it may be fairly standard for an R&B video, it still delivers exactly what you'd expect it to and there's something to be said for that. We were originally told that we'd be seeing a new album this year, but with most of the year gone there still hasn't been any talk of a release date. Of course, releasing a video usually means that something will be coming sooner rather than later. For now, let the nice vid and Glenn's mellow vocals tide you over.

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