Is There Any ‘Love’ For LeVert II?

After the untimely passing of his former group members Gerald LeVert and Sean LeVert, Marc Gordon, the third member of the soulful trio LeVert, procured Eddie LeVert‘s blessing to carry on the name with Levert II, a duo with singer Blaq Rose. But the elder LeVert may want to rethink his position after watching the video for “Hey Love,” a song from their debut album, Dedication. Bless their hearts for attempting to keep the LeVert legacy alive, but “Hey Love” is a song and video that we’ve heard and seen numerous time before and done much better. With lines such as “she likes me like a fresh pair of Nikes,” the club/bedroom/kitchen nookie scenes, and Marc and Blaq wearing their sunglasses outdoors at night, this is one big bad cliche.

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