Hot 16: SoulBounce's Cuffin' Season Playlist

Cuffin' Season -- that time of the year when the nights get colder and longer and its prime time to find a cuddle buddy (or more) to share your time and talents (ahem) with -- is officially underway. Whether you've locked down a cuff or are still on the hunt, when it's time to GTD (Get The Draws/D-ck/Dugout) nothing sets that moment off more than the perfect playlist. Sure, Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross can still get the job done, but it's time to inject some freshness into your slow jam rotation. If you need some new cuts to impress a potential or new cut buddy with your musical prowess, then let us be your selectors with a collection of songs handpicked off the vines of our own sexytime playlists. Your trusty SoulBounce Editors have done their tireless research to compile this Hot 16 Cuffin' Season Playlist with tunes guaranteed to turn you and your boo on. Sealing the deal is entirely up to you.

iSHE & Hezekiah: "Stay" [Listen][Buy]
The subtle sexiness of "Stay" by iSHE & Hezekiah is the perfect addition to any sexy playlist. Heavy with clever imagery from ripe fruit to icing on a cake, "Stay" satisfies the imagination's appetite, which for me is what makes this song so much fun. For a playlist that is all about getting it on, it might be nice to add something that makes you want give. Or that could just be me. -- Peachy Kween

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Jill Scott: "Missing You" [Listen][Buy]
I'll be completely honest, I don't even know the lyrics to this song, even though I've likely listened to it hundreds of times. With its hypnotic drums, Jill's cooing and the Prince-worthy backing vocals, I usually find myself in a groove-induced trance, one that leaves me fantasizing about what I'd rather be doing with the imaginary boo thang that lives in my head. Whether or not you're summer love carried over into the cooler months, you'll definitely want to find a special someone to get closer to when this song comes on. -- Ivory

Kelly Rowland: "Keep It Between Us" [Listen][Buy]

There's nothing sexier than a secret love affair, just ask Max and Kyle or Tommy and Pam or Eddie and Johnny. Kelly understands and that's why there's "Keep It Between Us," one of the better tracks from the unfortunate Here I Am. A sweet slow jam about not letting everyone into your B.I., it's soft piano and Kelly's lovely vocal make it the perfect soundtrack for that pre-session rendezvous with your clandestine boo. -- D-Money

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Eric Roberson feat. Phonte: "Picture Perfect" [Listen][Buy]
Sexy, spacey, hits all the right cues. And just when you think it's over, it comes back around for a satisfying sneak attack. We hope this describes all your nights, this season of human hibernation. -- Remi

Dego feat. The Luv Bugz: "What Ever" [Listen][Download]
In case your intended paramour needs some convincing that you're the one they should be spending their cuddle time with, then perhaps a little ditty letting them know that you're down for whatever will do the trick. Enter Dego and The Luv Bugz with "What Ever." Erica.Miss.America and PZasterous sweetly trade lover's lyrics and these two are husband and wife, so they know a few things.-- Butta

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James Blake: "The Wilhelm Scream" [Listen][Buy]
The sparseness of this cut will take you back to that classic snap, snap, snap of Janet's "Any Time, Any Place" as Blake mumbles his way through the cut like a latter-day D'Angelo. Just quiet enough to let you hear each other's heavy breathing and elevated heart rates. -- Remi

Ntjam Rosie: "In Need" [Listen][Buy]
Ntjam Rosie possesses a voice that can melt the coldest of hearts, and that's exactly what's needed as the temperatures dip and you need to come up with alternative ways of staying warm. As she gently coos "No need to rush, let's take it slow" that will be the last thing you want to do. -- SoulUK

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Cee-Lo Green: "Bodies" [Listen][Buy]
Cee-Lo knew exactly what he was doing when he made "Bodies." From its sensual muted trumpet to its soft oooh's in the background and right down to its effectual use of a slinky, throbbing bass, it's a song made exclusively for sexytime. Cee-Lo gives it all to you and then wraps it with the bow of his soulful voice, so if you put this one on and still can't seal the deal, I don't know what to tell you, patna. -- D-Money

Goapele: "Play" [Listen][Buy]
Goapele tapped into her sexy side on her current single "Play," which is ripe for any playlist designed around another type of tapping, if you will. Her voice slinks over the synthesized beat, making sure that the listener realizes that this is a game where there are no winners or losers, just satisfied individuals. -- Butta

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Rochelle Jordan: "All I Know" [Listen][Download]
When searching for the right cuddle buddy, it helps to bring running shoes and this Rochelle Jordan track as your secret weapon. You see, RoJo knows that the chase ain't for the light-hearted and you will face some initial opposition. She breaks down the feeling of infatuation brilliantly here, making it ideal motivation on your cuffin' journey and a great song to convince that future cuddle boo. -- D-Money

Zo! feat. Anthony David: "Playing Your Game, Baby" [Listen][Download]
When I first heard this song during my exclusive listening session with Zo!, I made note that this was going on my GTD playlist aka "Butta's Bedroom Breakdown." In between hooting, hollering, and calling on Jesus, that is, at the multiple eargasms Anthony David was giving me at his Barry White done right.
This remake is the ultimate of mood setters. -- Butta

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Jill Scott feat. Paul Wall: "So Gone (What My Mind Says)" [Listen][Buy]
Jilly From Philly doesn't just know her body, she knows your body. And what makes it do those things that result in more little bodies. The latest salvo in her campaign to replace Janet as the Queen of the Babymaker sees her accomplishing the impossible -- making the phrase "diamond-chip d-ck" (and hell, Paul Wall as an entity) a credible part of your seduction repertoire. -- Remi

Marsha Ambrosius: "With You" [Listen][Buy]
Long, drawn out, never letting up, but never letting things get too intense. It keeps you near boiling point without letting you bubble over. This is Floetry's "Say Yes" but more masochistic for not giving you the payoff it knows you want. Then again, it's only five minutes long. You have hours more to worry about that. -- Remi

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Nina Vidal: "Let's Just Stay In" [Buy]
"It's a mess outside, I don't wanna go out there. It's a perfect night to, ooh get naughty with you. Don't get dressed tonight, we don't have to go nowhere, we can stay here touchin', kissin' as we listen to rain fall on the roof outside..." Yup, that says it all. No explanation needed. -- SoulUK

Sampha: "Indecision" [Listen]
I know this is supposed be about getting that good-good music, but sometimes a little "Indecision" is sexy, especially when it comes from Sampha. His vocals are so mournful and beautiful that it's hard to listen to this song and not think about a love you wish had worked out. This song will have you shedding thug tears, no lie. -- NubianEmpress

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Kelly Rowland feat. Lil' Wayne: "Motivation" [Listen][Buy]
This cut is scorching bedrooms all over the world thanks to Rico Love's white-hot production and Kelly Rowland's slithery falsetto. With Rowland now encouraging, now commanding you on like a serpentine, soft-spoken coach, you're guaranteed an A in this very special Phys Ed class...Or any other vowels you're working towards. -- Remi

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