Eric Roberson Woos 'Essence' Staffers With Freestyle Fun

Last month SoulBounce fam Eric Roberson paid a visit to the offices of Essence magazine
where he treated the staff to an impromptu freestyle, which in true Erro fashion left the
ladies swooning. Now I freely admit to having a long running (to steal the term coined
by Butta) Errobsession that puts me on stan status, however how many artists do you know who can make
up a song on the spot that actually rivals what you hear on the radio? Not many if any other than Erro, which is a
true testimony not only to his undeniable talent but his ability to engage fans in a way
that allows us to be a part of the music. The look of excitement and wonder on each staff
member's face as they shared their word to be added to the musical gumbo was priceless.
I have fond memories of being at concerts waiting excitedly for this precise part of the
show and never ceasing to be amazed by what he created on the spot. For this particular tune the
ladies offered up words such as candy coated, sweet potato pie, skyscraper, and roller
coaster, just to name a few. And from this hodge podge Erro crafted lines like "I'm high
like a skyscraper off of the love that she gave to me/so I say baby can we at least have
some peace tonight." Sigh. This, people, is how it's done. While we eagerly await the
October 25th release of Mister Nice Guy we've been given a few goodies like "Summertime Anthem," "Picture Perfect," and this charming freestyle to tide us over.

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