Will You Be 'Rockin' Out' With Kid Creole & The Coconuts?

August Darnell, a.k.a. Kid Creole, and his band Kid Creole & The Coconuts have been in the business for nearly 40 years, but most of us folks stateside would be hard pressed to name a song by them. A spinoff of Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band (best known for their 1976 song "Cherchez la femme" that was later sampled by Ghostface Killah), the band had some impact here in its early '80s heyday, but had more success in the UK. After a hiatus lasting more than a decade, Darnell and the band (with all-new Coconuts, of course) are coming back with a new album, I Wake Up Screaming, on September 27th. To whet the public appetite, they've released "We're Rockin' Out Tonight" for your listening pleasure. Co-wrtitten by Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler, the song isn't bad (though it isn't great either), but it lacks the fun and charm that other Kid Creole songs like "Que Pasa/Me No Pop I" and "Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy" did. Nevertheless, for old times sake, I'll be checking out I Wake Up Screaming to see what they'll be bringing to the table this go 'round.

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