Will Sonnymoon Make You Want To Say 'Yes?'

One of the main reasons that all you reading this need to head over to the SoulBounce Hang Suite over at Turntable.fm is for the sheer musical discovery factor. One very late night while hanging there, one of the DJs threw on Sonnymoon's cover of "Houstatlantavegas," a decent Drake song that they freaked with a trip-hop edge worthy of early Esthero. This led to me looking up more info on the group and other work they've done. It turns out that the duo, consisting of producer Dane Orr and vocalist Anna Wise, released their successful EP, Golden Age, after dropping "Houstatlantavegas" last year and soon after signed to Plug Research, home to SoulBounce faves like Bilal, Quadron, and Boom Clap Bachelors. Continuing on the same track that first garnered them recognition, now they've released a cover of "Yes," a Beyoncé track from her Dangerously In Love days. Their take makes it just a bit more ethereal, with Dane infusing it with a dreamy, electronic soundscape and Anna taking a more mellow approach as opposed to B's usual vocal pyrotechnics. Their sound, even when doing covers, is so very original. Knowing that Plug Research allows their artists the space to do their own thing, I can't wait to see what their official debut is going to sound like. Check out "Yes" below and I bet that you, too, won't be saying 'No."

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