Lenny Kravitz Offers Up Two More Slices Of 'America'

With its release date less than two weeks away, those awaiting Lenny Kravitz's Black and White America won't have to wait too long. To further whet your collective appetites, two new leaks, "Sunflower" and "Boongie Drop," have been making the rounds. While they both feature guest rappers -- Drake and Jay-Z, respectively -- the charmer of the two is the Drake-assisted, Swizz Beatz-produced "Sunflower." If the song were a drink, it'd be a caipirinha. The song perfectly muddles tropicalia and R&B influences here, and Lenny is sounding great. Even a verse from rap's current King of Emo, Drake (sorry, Cudi), can't take away from the Michael Jackson-inspired good time the song is. "Boongie Drop" on the other hand, would probably be a shot of house tequila. Sure, it'll do the trick, but it's ultimately just too harsh and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. This slightly dancehall-flavored affair, which also features DJ Military, puts Lenny and Jay both in "Old Man in the Club" territory as they persuade the ladies to drop their "boongie" (which I'm going to assume means booty only because I'm afraid to know what other possible definitions exist) and possibly get it on later. I'm all for changing up one's style, but "Boongie Drop" ain't the business, Lenny.

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