'Happy Sexgiving' From Turquoise Jeep Records

In case you didn't know, this upcoming Tuesday, September 20th is one of the newest national holidays: Sexgiving Day. In preparation for this joyous day of copulation and coital bliss, the musical luminaries over at Turquoise Jeep Records have bestowed upon us "Happy Sexgiving" with a sensual video to match to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Featuring Yung Humma (of "Smang It" notoriety) -- and his luxurious Yaki weave/wig -- as well as vocalist Whatchyamacallit, this video is both a visual and aural treat. I said "aural" not "oral," get your minds out of the gutter. These gentleman certainly know how to do the following things: a) make a woman feel desired, b) slay you in the spirit of foolishness, and c) capture the attention of the masses with questionable yet hilarious music. My fervent prayer is that one day I will have the chance -- no, honor -- of being a love interest in one of their videos. After all, turquoise is my favorite color.

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