Get Ready For The Weeknd With 'Thursday'

I know today is Friday and everything, but can we talk about Thursday for a moment? No, I'm not talking about yesterday, I'm talking about the mixtape that Abel Tesfaye and his collective known to you as The Weeknd dropped late last night. The second release in his trilogy that he plans to release in the span of this year, Thursday finds him back in the swing of House of Balloons. The songs are heavy with mood and definitely under the influence (take that as you will). The nine-track set meanders a bit more than Balloons did, but it's definitely still worth a listen. Canadian homeboy Drake even shows up for "The Zone," which happens to be one of the finer cameo moments of his career. Like House of Balloons, this one is being given away for the free via his website (and many have already taken advantage, as his site has been relatively flooded for most of the day). With only a few more months left in this year, expect The Weeknd's next chapter of his "Balloon" Trilogy to come sooner rather than later.

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