Come Down To 'Earth' With Rochelle Jordan

Is it just me or is Rochelle Jordan giving you an early-Kelis vibe? It could be the massive curly 'fro she's rocking or her alt-R&B steez she's got going on. Not to say that she's copying from Madame Milkshake's playbook, but visually there is a resemblance. Maybe that's why I wasn't too surprised when I recognized the sample of Pharrell's voice used from "Mars," a song from Kelis' first album, on this buzz track. Titling it "Earth to Your Brain," Rochelle decides to bring the track back down to earth from outer space and make it more about the sensual side of things. The visual is arresting, with Rochelle serving alterna-chick realness throughout an apartment . Though it's only a short snippet to promote her upcoming R O J O, it's enough to make you take notice. Color me further intrigued, Ms. Jordan. R O J O drops tomorrow (hopefully with a longer version of this song) so be sure to be on the lookout for it. 

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