Carlitta Durand Goes Cold For ‘Nostalgic Nights’

Minnesota-born, North Carolina-based songstress Carlitta Durand offers up a hauntingly cool scene in her new video for “Nostalgic Nights,” a song from her previously released EP of the same name that can also be found on her new project, Songs From Carli. The song and video are both mellow, reflective, and showcase the delicate beauty of her singing. I’m assuming that it was shot before or after the song’s Christmas Eve 2010 release because of the arctic clime she’s in. The sparse, snow-covered landscape serves as a literal backdrop for Durand, whose pipes are the real stars in this clip. Seriously, the crispness of her voice sends chills up my spine, even in the dead heat of August. Regardless of whether it’s raining, snowing, or sunny, I look forward to hearing more music from Ms. Durand.

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