'You' Will 'Want' To Hear This Cee-Lo & Tawiah Collaboration

It looks like there is no getting away from the ubiquitous Mr. Cee-Lo Green. It seems not a day goes by that I don't hear one of the tracks from The Lady Killer blaring from a radio/car stereo/shop speaker, not that I'm complaining. I will admit I was a little underwhelmed with the album at first -- besides the brilliant "Bodies" and "Please" -- but it has definitely grown on me, especially the track "I Want You." Currently his single in the UK, the version pushed to radio is the same as that found on the LP, however a fellow music-head notified me that the iTunes version listed Brit songstress Tawiah as a featured artist. We both nearly dismissed this as a case of "oh she must have provided backing vocals," but thankfully I decided to check it out. The  iTunes UK version of "I Want You" (sorry everyone else, not sure if it's the same worldwide) does feature Tawiah in all her very British glory, adding an intro, her own verse and ad-libs throughout. Warner Bros. is hoping for big things from Tawiah, and if this (and this, and this) is anything to go by I think their expectations are justified.

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