Will This O’neal McKnight Song Drive You ‘Crazy’?

What do you get when you blend Bobby Brown‘s well-intentioned but
struggling vocals with a generous dose of generic late ’90s-style
songwriting? If you said, “most of Usher‘s catalog,” you aren’t necessarily wrong, but the answer I’m seeking here is the new single from Diddy‘s former stylist-turned-singer, O’neal McKnight, “All Night Crazy.” Haven’t heard of him? You’re not alone. He first hit the scene with an ode to America’s favorite liberated Chocolate Factory employee, titled “Do The Snooki.” The jokes, they write themselves. Since then, McKnight’s been dropping forgettable electronic club jams left and right with the help of “mentors” Diddy and Russell Simmons. The new single, “All Night Crazy,” is a Michael Jackson-inspired Bobby Brown ripoff. It’s apparently a product of Charlie Wilson‘s Dated R&B Lyric Bootcamp and is silently competing with Lonny Bereal‘s “Favor” for the Eamon and Frankee Lifetime Achievement Award For Worst Songwriting Ever. Upon first listen, I thought it was actually an unearthed futuristic demo from “Don’t Be Cruel.” Look, I’m all for the chasing of dreams and hustle diversification. And I know a life of dressing the Vampire of Brooklyn is no crystal stair. But somewhere along the way between racial embarrassment Fonzworth Bentley ditching Diddy’s umbrella to rhyme for Rap Snacks and the mere existence of Cassie, the model-turned-something, the game got jacked all the way up. That phrases like “future number one,” “summer jam,” and “dance floor filler” have been used in describing this song also caused me to question if I am the one whose sensibilities are skewed. Take a listen and see for yourself.

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