This N'dambi Video Will Have You Saying 'Ooo Baby'

N'dambi may have released Pink Elephant in late 2009, but it's turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving with the overnight premiere of a video for the song "Ooo Baby." This sensual groove gets a video that is sure to raise temperatures directed by the unstoppable Matthew Cherry, who just began filming his first feature film this week. The black-and-white clip starts off simple enough with N'dambi singing and coyly smiling into the camera, but we soon realize that she's not alone when a man's hands enter the picture and start caressing her body. Then the camera shifts focus from his point of view to N'dambi's and we see that it is none other than Eddie Goines, that fine specimen from Beyoncé's "If I Were A Boy" video. His smile and reactions to N'dambi feeling him up are priceless. This video is simple yet so very sexy. Turn the AC up because this one is a scorcher.

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