‘Go Out’ For A Wild Time With Little Dragon

If you check your calendars, you will notice that today is July 26th. That means that you should have Little Dragon‘s third effort, Ritual Union, in your possession right now. Their latest is another trippy ride through their electronic soul landscape. If you want a preview of what that’s like, look no further than the group’s new video for “When I Go Out.” The song, which features Yukimi Nagano‘s filtered voice floating ethereally amongst a quiet and steady tribal percussion, is a study in sound and texture. To match its artistic vibe, LD went with a video treatment that could easily fit in amongst the exhibits and New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Floating masks, humanoid characters, and arresting patterns are all used here for effect. I don’t necessarily get it, but then again I rarely ever get their videos. It’s still an interesting watch and flows fine with the song.

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