Erik Rico Is Back & ‘Feeling Wonderful’

Erik Rico is one of the few artists who when I hear his name uttered in the same sentence as the words “new music” I find myself clamoring to get my hands on said music. His voice and his songs consistently do it for me. After linking up with Marc Mac of 4hero last year and dropping Direct Soul, my thirst for new tunes was briefly quenched by the four-track EP. The promise of more fresh sounds in 2011 also helped, but up until now things have been quiet from Mr. Rico’s corner. That all changed earlier this month with the release of the Feeling Wonderful EP featuring a re-issue of the song “Wonderful” from 2007’s Journey Back To Me and three re-imaginings of the track. Although not exactly the full-length album I had hoped for, this EP is satisfying nonetheless because each re-imagining is practically a new song in and of itself and no two sound alike. I love them all, but get into the groove of my personal favorite, “Feeling Wonderful (Futuristic House Version),” below and treat your ears to the EP, which is available for purchase at various online retailers now.

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