Can This Idle Warship Video Make You A ‘System Addict’?

It seems like it was just yesterday (or maybe last week) that we were just getting to hear Idle Warship‘s new song “System Addict.” Wasting no time, the crew has just released a video for the track. Seeming to take inspiration from Chatroulette, the video features a bunch of random women in front of webcams mouthing the words to the song. Interspersed with these random women are clips of an ominous figure (is that you Talib Kweli?) who appears to be watching all of them. Other than phantom Kweli, Res seems to be the only Warshipper to appear in the video. While I think the lo-fi approach and web chat concept are interesting, the visual just doesn’t seem to gel with the song. Perhaps if they had went with something just a bit more kinetic to match the pace of the song, I’d be more gung ho for the clip. In any measure, hopefully it means that we’ll indeed get an official album sooner than we think.

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