Slakah The Beatchild Has 'The Cure' For The Common Video

Slakah the Beatchild is solidifying his spot as one of my favorite Canadian exports. The singer/songwriter/producer already has music on lock with a slew of dope releases (Soul Movement Vol. 1, Something Forever), and he's since added a few more talents to his resume, including video director for his newly formed Beatchild Films. We just saw him lens Ayah's intriguing mini-movie for "When It Comes To You" and now we get to see him in motion in the music video for "The Cure," a sexy little ditty from Something Forever. Slakah doesn't take the typical route with this video either, however. In it, he plays a hospital patient who is allowed to walk right out of the medical center -- hospital gown and all. He has his lady's photo in his hand and he flashes back to scenes of them together as he wanders around before ending up back at their house. You may think that Beatchild has gone crazy or is at least crazy in love, but it's the video's ending that will shock you and bring the storyline full circle. This video is pretty brilliant if you ask me, but I wouldn't expect anything less from this dude.

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