Luna Angel Declares 'The City Is Still Mine'

Since popping up on our Bounce-Worthy radar earlier this year, I've been looking forward to more from Luna Angel and I get my wish with the video for her latest, the single "The City Is Still Mine." The track, with its trendy pop air, is a different flavor from the electro soul goodness found on her mixtape, The Northern Lights Vol. 1, but the video filmed in Los Angeles and filled with enough beautiful people -- Luna especially -- is enough to take your mind off of the so-so song.
My favorite part of the video actually comes at the end when the scene and song changes to "Lost" from The Northern Lights as she coos in between crisp white sheets. Nonetheless, if you'd like to add "The City Is Still Mine" to your music collection, then cop the free download from SoundCloud and also get up on The Northern Lights if you haven't already.

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