Hollie Smith & Mara TK Form A 'Band Of Brothers'

I'll admit that when it comes to waiting for new music from the artists I like, I'm very impatient. I do appreciate that if an artist churns out a new album every 12-18 months the quality will, eventually, suffer, but I can't help but wish they would hurry up and drop a new project. Sometimes the key to getting new material out there quickly, while still bringing something fresh, is to try something completely different. That is the route that New Zealand's Hollie Smith has taken on her upcoming Band Of Brothers Vol.1, the follow up to last year's Humour and the Misfortune Of Others and her third album in four years. On previous albums, Hollie can probably best be described as NZ's answer to Joss Stone (albeit a less annoying version), channeling classic soul music for modern times, however on Band Of Brothers she is discarding the live band aesthetic and going for a more electronic sound. Such a shift could easily have a negative impact, however Hollie has called on the talents of vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Mara TK of SoulBounce faves Electric Wire Hustle to assist with writing and production and join her as a featured artist. The album, which sees an NZ release on August 1st, is the first in a planned series of Band Of Brothers albums that will see Hollie working with different artists/producers. You can check out a very short, one-minute teaser after the bounce, which granted doesn't give much away. However, I have a very good feeling about this.

After the bounce

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