Hilz Hopes You Go ‘Loopy Loo’ Over Her New Album

If you inspect the picture above close enough you may just come to realize that you recognize the lady in it. I had to do a few double takes and squint a bit, but, yes, the lady above is in fact Hilary Mwelwa (aka Hilz), the frontwoman of neo-soul duo Hil St. Soul. It seems that Hilz has parted was with musical partner/producer Victor Redwood Sawyer and, after a bit of an image revamp, is gearing up to release a solo album this August. Bring Back The Love was produced entirely by the UK duo The Rural (Beyoncé, Beverley Knight) and is hoping that this may lead to wider recognition of her talents. Personally, I was a fan of Hil St. Soul’s music, but often felt it lacked any kind of edge to make it stand out from the neo-soul crowd, so maybe this new direction will hold the key? Judging from the acoustic version of album track “Loopy Loo” below, and the album snippets on her Facebook page, I have to say I’m skeptical whether the plan will work. Yes, the music will appeal to existing fans of Hil St. Soul, but I can’t imagine these songs making much impact commercially.  Listen and share your thoughts in the comments.

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