Eric Roberson's 'Summertime Anthem' Is Right On Time

As the days grow longer and hotter (especially if you're in ATL, why oh why did no one
warn me?) we all know that summer is on the horizon. And what better way to welcome
these warm days than with a brand new single from everyone's favorite soul singer
and SoulBounce darling Eric Roberson? From the moment you hit play, "Summertime Anthem"
featuring Chubb Rock and a familiar George Benson sample becomes the instant soundtrack to all things related to this most
beloved of seasons. From backyard BBQ's and flirtatious ice cream truck drivers (oh
wait, maybe that's just me?) to impromptu house parties, fresh hair cuts, and freshly manicured feet in sandals, you are hit with both nostalgia for summers gone by and excitement
for the ones to come. "Summertime Anthem" is everything we love most about Roberson,
which is his ability to create effortlessly classic music -- or honest music, if you will -- with soul by the pound. The only thing better than new Erro is free Erro, and he has blessed us with a complimentary download of this track. So do yourself a favor and cop this lil slice of summery goodness right now.

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