Drake Pays A Visit To 'Marvin's Room'

Wheelchair Jimmy Drake had the Internet going nuts when he dropped "Marvin's Room" earlier this month. The song, whose title has nothing to do with the song's subject matter (it's named after the famed Marvin's Room studio that was established by Marvin Gaye and where the track was recorded), is pretty much a drunk dial to an ex who has obviously moved on but he just can't seem to let go. Since it dropped, it's inspired everybody and their mama to put their own spin on it. Seriously, just when I thought Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" was being "remixed" to death, here comes this. Well, anyway, Drizzy has gone ahead and made an official video for his original track. Yes, he's "singing" in this one -- and I really hate when he does that -- but I must admit that I like the video treatment overall, especially when the song gets slightly chopped and screwed at the end and its colors fade to yellow, red, and purple. Sure, it's a simple (read: cheap) approach, but it works for the mood and feel of the track. Drake's sophomore album, Take Care, is set to be released this October, with a single set to drop next month. Let's see if he can keep the momentum that this song is giving him.

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