We Can't Help But Give Beverley Knight's George Michael Cover 'One More' Spin

What started out as apprehension at Beverley Knight deciding to cover various classics from the UK soul catalog has quickly turned into excitement at getting our hands on the full album. We already featured the full version of her cover of Soul II Soul's "Fairplay" and then we posted a video featuring snippets of several tracks as performed live at the album's DVD filming. Now we have a full, live version of her cover of George Michael's "One More Try." Comparisons to the original are fruitless as the two versions are very different, but, in my opinion at least, Ms. Knight nails it here. Having been lucky enough to catch her live, I can say that it's a whole different experience from listening to her CDs. I kind of wish that this would have been a live album rather than a studio album plus a live DVD, but at this stage I'm happy to take what I can get.

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