Tanya Auclair Shows Us Her Angelic Tones On 'Gabriel'

Even though it dates back to the '90s, I only came across Roy Davis Jr. and Peven Everett's "Gabriel" a few years ago. It was love at first listen and has become a permanent fixture on my iPod since. Last year, while killing time researching on YouTube I came across a cover by re:jazz featuring the honey-voiced Alice Russell and was blown away by their re-interpretation, taking the soulful house of the original and transforming it into an almost hymn-like rendition. Fast forward to last week and this video surfaced of one-to-watch, Tanya Auclair, performing her own take on the classic track. Tanya chose to strip this way back to just her vocal and an instrument that I couldn't name if I tried, but matter it does not because she sounds fantastic and this has me hyped for her Origami EP, which drops June 18th. [H/T: PMOI]

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