How Do You 'Feel' About Rochelle Jordan?

Sometimes even the wickedest songsmith can have trouble expressing themselves because of a heavy heart. In "How To Feel," Toronto soul chanteuse Rochelle Jordan discloses that her feelings are difficult to understand because she doesn't even know what they are. One of the greatest things about listening to music from and for the soul is that somehow an insightful artist has found the lyrics to express that combination of emotions that makes us feel so tangled. And even if Rochelle can't decide what to do, we feel her completely. Her voice, which shows hints of Ameriie and Kelis, glides under and over producer Klash's brooding instrumental as she describes her difficulty with the natural pull between love of self and love of another. Should she choose the space she feels she needs and risk losing him? Rochelle and Klash plan to release a requiem to N.E.R.D. and Radiohead, entitled In Search Of...Radio, inspired by N.E.R.D.'s albums In Search Of... and Nothing and Radiohead's King of Limbs and Hail To the Thief. The mixtape is scheduled to be released in July, and maybe then we can find out exactly what Jordan is in search of.

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