Play Some 'Wicked Games' With The Weeknd

The Weeknd has made the unofficial official with frequent leaks and sneak peeks via Tumblr and Twitter that leave no desire unfulfilled and every emotion raw and exposed. The mysterious Abel Tesfaye goes by the moniker The Weeknd and was a part of a songwriting duo called The Noise before his internet fame. He can be credited with being a major influence on Drake's freshman album, Thank Me Later, and Drake recently announced via Twitter that the two Toronto natives are cooking something up together for a collaboration. When that will see the light of day is anyone's guess, but The Weeknd's House of Balloons has been receiving mad love since its March release and is part one of a mixtape trilogy that includes Thursday, which is next up this summer, and Echoes of Silence due this fall. It is unclear whether producers Doc McKinney and Illangelo are a part of The Weeknd or if Tesfaye is the lone member, but the shroud of mystery serves to titillate almost as well as the lyrics astound. Fans have been captivated enough to film their own videos, which have been quite impressive. Following the underground visuals for "What You Need" is an excellent albeit NSFW video directed by Storm Saulte for the track "Wicked Games." While this song focuses on the themes of cheating and drugs as does the majority of the mixtape, something tells me the next two albums in the collection will give us a certified opinion of The Weeknd's predilection. Hopefully it leaves more to be desired than illicit sex on the beach with the help of a cognac and cocaine high.

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