Muhsinah Has Been 'Gone' & Is Ready For A 'Great' Comeback

There's no denying the talent that lies in DC-native Muhsinah. The multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter has been gracing music lovers with her unique sound for the past few years. With several indie releases under her belt, the self-proclaimed "Golden Girl" has also put her talents to good use for other artists such as Common, The Foreign Exchange, and producer Oddisee. While those collabos are always fine and dandy, I admittedly like her best when she's doing her own thing. In a world when artists are willing to put their entire careers into the hands of other producers and songwriters, it's so refreshing to see a young artist -- and female, at that -- taking matters into her own hands. She's crafted a sound that's uniquely her own -- spacey, jazzy, soulful, and everything in between. Muhsinah stays true to form on her latest song to hit the web, "How Great." Here, she delivers the sound that fans have come to know and love. This is the first single from her upcoming EP entitled Gone, which chronicles her past few months of living, writing, and recording and is something we can't wait to get our hands on thanks to a sampler she's also given us. Both the single and the sampler are available for free download on her website.

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